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Beffon Origin

Established in 1981 Sweden, Beffon's brand philosophy center around rebellious fashion and unreal comfort through the quality of material and craftsmanship. Brand Concept of BEFFON comes from one of Europe's last nomadic settlement - the Sami settlement. Reindeer leather boots become one of Sami settlement's most valueable and unique technology. In the Sami Language, "BFF" means "the best", and "FON" means "boots".

Year 1981 - Beffon founded in small community.
Year 1985 - made less than 30 pairs per year.
Year 1990 - Manufacture at a bigger scale.
Year 2005 - Re-establish design identity.
2009 - Started fashion shows.
2012 - Goes global.
2013 - 300 certified retailers globally.
2016 - Featured in:
Chic Fashion Show
Seoul Annual Fashion Show
Sweden Fashion Show
2017 - 400 certified retailers globally
2017 - Moscow Shoe Show
2017 - Patented "Cushion" comfort technology created.
2018 - Sponsored Asia's Snowboarding League


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